Moonee Beach NSW

$6 - $7k Per Month

The Moonee Beach Tavern has a well deserved reputation as being a great entertaining and restaurant venue on the mid North Coast.

With an understanding of the power used for operating cool rooms, kitchens, extensive air conditioning and a bottleshop, our team designed a system comprising 168 x 275W Trina Tier 1 panels aesthetically arranged in multiple arrays at a 12’ tilt facing WNW. The panels were connected up to a set of three Fronius Symo inverters, and full WiFi and network set up and commissioning services were provided to allow management immediate, easy to read reports on their system’s performance.


154 x 275W panels

Fronius Eco 27.0-3- and Symo 12.5-3-M inverters

-62,750 kg

Reduction of C02 emissions / year

72,126 kWh

System output per year

Approx. 4.5-5 years

Estimated ROI

Approx. $10,877

Potential Annual Savings

5 days

Project turnaround

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