As a division of Coffs Solar Energy, Commercial Solar Bellingen is a true local supplier for Solar in Bellingen.

Commercial Solar Bellingen have been supplying customers in Bellingen with super-efficient solar systems for many years. A beautiful hinterland cousin of Coffs Harbour and Macksville, Bellingen is nestled below the Dorrigo Plateau on the mighty Bellinger River. It’s a vibrant and thriving country town with an arty vibe.

A common system size purchased by Bellingen residents is our 18 panel 4.95kW solar system. Most customers looking for solar can expect this sized solar system to generate over 7600kWh of clean electricity per year. With average production around the 20kWh mark per day, This system is a super-efficient renewable energy generator and can pay for itself very quickly. It’s a win-win situation – clean energy and low power bills.

So why choose Commercial Solar Bellingen for your commercial solar PV system?

That’s easy.

Business owners can make savvy decisions to install a solar PV system that will provide an average payback period of 3-5years, the option to claim (with an ABN) your STCs back in the first quarter following the commissioning of your system, and gaining the best solar feed-in tariff for your electricity use. Top it off with the assisting you in fulfilling goals you may have to reduce your carbon footprint and be a leader in the Bellingen economy in this regard, and it’s a wise decision all around.

We provide access to detailed solar experience, technical know-how and superior service from a truly local solar company. Our electrical, technical and IT skilled local employees are available to support you decide on the best possible solar power system. As a small business ourselves, we are only too aware of the ever present need to assess and reduce overheads in a business. Electricity costs are some of the biggest overheads for business, so taking measures for conserving energy makes financial sense.

Are we local to Coffs Harbour and Bellingen?

You bet we are!

We’ve worked hard since our company started in 2010 to provide the Coffs Coast with the best solar products, service and prices we possibly can. This means we are the leading supplier of solar energy solutions on the Mid-North Coast. Working from our head office in North Boambee Valley, we are ready to visit when you are!

Our dedication to our customers has resulted in accreditation by the Clean Energy Council as an Approved Solar Retailer. This means we follow strict codes of conduct produced by the CEC. There are only a few companies in Australia that maintain this accreditation. In fact, we are only of only two on the Mid-North Coast.

Looking for a local solar company? Commercial Solar Bellingen should be your go-to local solar company for all your solar needs.

A local valued client with one of our quality solar installations:

Hyde Bellingen


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