Commercial Solar South West Rocks, CSE is a division of Coffs Solar Energy.

We have been supplying and installing high-quality solar power systems in the mid North Coast for nearly a decade. This includes Kempsey, South West Rocks and Scott’s Head.

Customers searching for solar in South West Rocks, Kempsey, Scotts Head and surrounds find our company to be very knowledgeable, professional and approachable. We are also experts in the most cost-effective and efficient commercial solar PV systems for use by our farming community.

We care about our customers and approach each job with enthusiasm and a desire to exceed customer expectations. It’s exciting to talk to new customers! Why? Because we know that we’re offering the best product at competitive prices. We bring local knowledge and technical expertise to your project, with a showroom, office, warehouse and tradespeople who are always available for solar product, service and installation requirements.

Is a solar PV System commercial installation in South West Rocks worth it?

Even a relatively small solar power system such as our popular 3.3kW / 12 panel system installed in South West Rocks will produce an average of over 12kW’s of clean energy per day. Expect annual power generation to exceed 5000kWh! That amounts to a substantial saving in energy costs over a year. Clearly, a larger system will save even more energy – just ask the Department of Education and Melville High School. Located in South Kempsey, our 90kW commercial solar PV installation in 2018 was completed on schedule and on budget, much to the delight of the school administration and management.

As a business with a large premises ourselves, and with a large number of commercial and business clientele, we understand the operational power requirements that can vary from business to business. Do you use more power during the day and shut down at night? Are you drawing electricity in peaks and troughs (such as lunch and evening service in a hotel?). We can provide the optimal solar PV system installation that will assist in offsetting expected daytime power draw as well as analyse your power bill in consultation with you to ensure you are maximising the opportunity to benefit from feed-in credits to reduce the fixed charges on your power bills.

You’ve found the best commercial supplier for South West Rocks, now what?

Firstly, give our Coffs Harbour office a call and we’ll have an initial chat with you about your requirements. We also welcome any specific details you want us to know about. We’re a friendly bunch so don’t worry about any high-pressure sales tactics!

Secondly, we’ll arrange a visit to your South West Rocks property and evaluate your requirements to let you know exactly what’s possible. We’ll be looking at things like

  • position of your commercial building/s
  • elevation
  • any shading from trees or buildings and
  • the roof structure itself.

We are a big believer in aesthetics and all of our solar systems are installed to offer a balanced look on your roof which may be particularly important to you if you greet customers on your premises directly. Finally, once we agree on a suitable system that meets your budget and power saving expectations, we’ll arrange the installation. Soon, when the big day comes you can expect our friendly and experienced in-house electricians to efficiently and respectfully complete the work and make the necessary connections.

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