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Do you run power-hungry equipment or air conditioning in your factory, warehouse, medical practice or café?

Electricity bills can be one of the most frustrating and ever-increasing operating costs in many businesses, no matter what industry you are in. With electricity prices continuing to rise and solar PV components and services continuing to drop, a well-designed solar PV system for your business is a financially sensible choice to make if you are interested in keeping your operating costs as low as possible.
Starting small, a 5kW solar PV system typically has a ROI of 22 per cent and a three to five-year payback. As you climb higher in terms of system size, your benefits and payback period can potentially involve a much quicker turnaround time.
To add on to our service, we analyse your electricity bill free of charge – when we do this, many customers can actually find out that are not getting the best deal from their energy retailer. It can be hard to keep track of new plans, contract changes, and the different tariffs that apply. We also provide information on how solar PV installations for use in your depreciation schedule for taxation purposes. Did you know there is currently an instant asset write-off of up to $30,000 available for small businesses?

How common are commercial solar installations?

Deciding to install a commercial solar PV system is becoming more and more commonplace in the business community – in fact over the last decade 186 megawatts have been installed (with the 10-100kW system range increasing six-fold). That’s a lot of businesses choosing to generate their own power!

It makes great financial sense to install a commercial solar PV system in any business. With our expert help and advice, you can make this happen in yours!

Government Incentives are still available!

There are a number of government schemes available to help lower the cost of purchasing a solar PV system.

Firstly and most attractively, the main scheme that exists for solar PV system owners is the Federal Renewable Energy Scheme. This scheme applies to all renewable energy systems such as solar panel systems. Systems under 100kW in size qualify for Small Scale Certificates (STCs) and systems over 100kW qualify for Large Scale Certificates (LGCs).

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STCs and LGCs are calculated according to the size of the system – it’s basically a case of the bigger the system, the more certificates you receive. We coordinate the documentation requirements and sale of these certificates on your behalf. From your perspective, this means you can benefit from a brand new solar PV system installed with the rebate process streamlined into our service – no hassles for you or your team.

There are also Feed-in Tariffs offered through your electricity retailer, and finance options from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to consider. We can give you advice on both of these avenues and much more when you are ready.

Read more about the scheme here.

Commercial Solar Works When You Work…

Our competitive pricing and excellent design knowledge of mid-scale solar PV installations for local business meets both financial and aesthetic considerations.

Why are we good at commercial solar panel installations?

Because we look at how to best match your power usage (demand) with your generated solar electricity output (supply), customised to exactly fit your requirements. There is both a genuine science and an art to designing and installing solar PV systems, and we are good at it! We determine what will give you the largest benefit whilst you are working, whilst at the same time incorporating what you need from your system in regards to your business image and clientele. Safe, effective and attractive solar installations are a good match for Coffs Coast businesses!

Commercial solar PV systems are capable of generating a range in output based on both their size, design and environmental conditions. As a guide, the following table may give you an indication of the amount of electricity your solar PV system can produce daily:

10kW 20kW 50kW 100kW
39.5 kWh 79.0 kWh 197.5 kWh 395.0 kWh


In another example…

a small business that has 15kW solar panel system and consumes 50,000 kWh per year can source a conservative 33% of its electricity use from a well-designed installation.

Good design means that owners, landlords and tenants can utilise their own building and premises to offset their electricity, and in doing so allow the ability to self-consume your electricity then and there. This area of expertise in analysis and design is something we are very proud of!

Reduce your Business Carbon Footprint

Installing a commercial solar PV system has many benefits, not just financial. For some business owners and operators, it is of equal importance that their environmental stewardship and accountability is being met, or that they wish to be more sustainable within their industry. It may even simply be that they want to offset or reduce unavoidable output or by-products from their business with the great green credentials of installing a well-designed solar panel installation.

If you are keen for your business to reduce its reliance and costs of receiving power from the grid and fossil fuels, solar is by far the most economical, easy and sustaining choice to make!

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